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Top Five Best-Selling Tires of 2023

Best-Selling Tires of 2023

In the rearview mirror of the past year, we take immense pride in recounting the stories of success and the compelling enthusiasm that our customers have shown for our tire solutions. We actually did recount our sold tires of the past year, resulting in a top five of our best-selling tires. For the analysis of our tire profiles, we have combined all variants, such as the variations of the Magna MA608.

Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the most demanding terrains and challenging road conditions has fuelled the success of our tire profiles. So, fasten your seatbelts and join us in reliving the excitement of 2023 as we showcase the top 5 (general) and truck tires that have left an indelible mark on the roads and terrains they have conquered. Magna Tyres is roaring into 2024, and the journey has only just begun!

The Top Five

In the realm of heavy-duty tires, where conquering unforgiving landscapes is a daily feat, we present our top 5 champions that have weathered the storms, scaled the heights, and navigated the toughest terrains with unparalleled performance.

  1. Magna M-TERMINAL / Magna M-TERMINAL+
  2. Magna MA608
  3. Magna MA01 / Magna MA01+
  4. Magna MA03 / Magna MA03+
  5. Magna MB800

Fun fact: If you look at our Magna M-TERMINAL and Magna M-TERMINAL+ tires, both in size 310/80R22.5, this tire gets the third position in our overall top best-selling tire sizes of 2023. Number two became the size 315/80R22.5 and our best-selling tire size became 11R22.5.

top 5 tyres 2023

Truck Top Five

Simultaneously, the world of trucking, with its ever-evolving demands, witnessed the rise of our top 5 truck tire profiles. These tires have not just rolled along the highways; they have become the trusted companions for long-haul journeys, delivering efficiency, durability, and reliability to the trucking industry.

  1. Magna MHSL / Magna MHSL-2
  2. Magna MSC
  3. Magna MSO (2/3)
  4. Magna MHDL
  5. Magna MSS

top 5 truck 2023

Looking Back and Forward

We look back on a successful year with progressive tire profiles. We expect 2024 to be another great year for Magna Tyres. The results of our top five will most likely not be the same next year, as we expect a lot from our Magna M-TRUCK tire range, which we launched last year. We also have great new profiles planned to add to our range in 2024. Stay tuned for more!