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    2400 Hours Without Any Damages

2400 Hours Without Any Damages for Our Magna M-STACKER+ Tires

Even after 2400 hours, our customer’s tires show no damage and still run perfectly. These Magna M-STACKER+ tires were fitted a while ago on a Liebherr reach stacker in the Middle East. Our customer switched their tires to Magna M-STACKER+ tires in size 18.00-25 because of the wider tread and more lugs. They are very happy to use our tires with increased tire life.

Our customer quoted: “I am very happy with the performance of the Magna M-STACKER+.”

Magna M-STACKER+ Tires

The 18.00-25 Magna M-STACKER+ has deep, wide tread grooves to support easier turning by reducing stress in the tread blocks. Especially for reach stackers, container handlers and heavy-duty forklifts in pick and stack applications, is this an ideal feature. In addition, the all cross ply construction ensures improved load performance and enhanced operator comfort.

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