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    Barely Any Wear on Magna MA608 Tires

Barely Any Wear on Magna MA608 Tires After More Than 4.000 Operating Hours

One of the leading recycling companies in Germany has recently started using our super solid Magna MA608 tires in size  10.00-20 at their recycling site. The tyres are mounted on a Sennebogen 825 machine. The tires have been running for more than 4.000 operating hours and the pattern of these tires show only slight signs of even tread depth wear and no damages, which is great!

Previously, our customer used pneumatic tires, but due to the frequent need for reparations, Magna Tyres advised a solid tire solution. The 10.00-20 Magna MA608 tires were mounted a couple of months back. Since then there hasn’t been one reparation needed and the expected lifetime is estimated at three times longer than the pneumatic tires that were used before.

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