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    Magna MR800 Tires at Wood Processing Plant

Excellent Performance of Magna MR800 Tires at Wood Processing Plant

The Magna MR800 is a multipurpose and radial constructed tire for large forklifts, reach stackers and other material handling equipment. The solid construction of the carcass offers optimal puncture resistance and is highly durable, for fantastic results.

In the case of this Hyster forklift in service at a wood processing plant, Magna MR800 (10.00R20) works on various surface conditions, both abrasive concrete and uneven factory ground. The tires are exposed to heavy load in combination with long distances. Despite these challenging conditions, there is still around 60-70% of original tread depth left after 4.500 running hours. So, the tires aim for 15.000 total machine hours on the front axle and 10.000 hours on the rear axle. Our premium radial competitors are not doing better here, which means an excellent performance for our Magna MR800 tires.

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