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    Magna MB01 Tires at Container Terminal

Great Performance of Magna MB01 Tires at Container Terminal in The Netherlands

One of the leading companies in the storage and transshipment of containers is located in Ijmuiden, The Netherlands. In May 2015, they started using Magna MB01 tires in size 18.00-33 at their container terminal. These Magna MB01 tires were mounted on a Kalmar reach stacker as shown in the pictures below.

Our customer is very satisfied with the performance of the tires. After more than 1000 working hours the tires are still in excellent condition and continue to deliver an outstanding performance. The driver of the reach stacker is very pleased with the quality and operator comfort of the Magna MB01 tires.

Magna MB01 18.00-33 Tires

The Magna MB01 is designed for use on container handlers and reach stackers. Improved traction and performance through non-directional E4 tread design. Sidewall protection and flotation are enhanced by the wide shoulder design. In addition, improved protector plies optimize load performance and operator comfort.

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