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    Magna M-STACKER+ Performs Excellent

Magna M-STACKER+ Performs Excellent After More Than 2000 Hours

In January 2022 we fitted our Magna M-STACKER+ tires in size 18.00-25 on a reachstacker in the UAE. This terminal operator needed tires to achieve the lowest cost of ownership per tire. They chose Magna Tyres to achieve this. Our customer is well aware of the outstanding performance of our Magna M-STACKER+ tires.

Our customer is very happy with the performance of our Magna M-STACKER+ tires, because after six months the tires are still running with even wear and without any damage. The Magna M-STACKER+ tires now have clocked more than 2000 working hours, with a remaining tread depth of 84%. We are proud that we delivered such a performance in the port handling segment. Magna Tyres is looking forward to an enduring cooperation with our customer.

Magna M-STACKER+ Tires

With our Magna M-STACKER+ tire pattern, reach stackers, container handlers and heavy-duty forklifts are able to perform in difficult pick and stack applications. Due to its large tread and shoulder blocks, a high load capacity and a stable load platform is ensured. In addition, the rubber compound is highly wear resistant to avoid tread cracks and heat build-up for excellent performance and an extended tire lifecycle.

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