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    Magna M-RIGID Tires at Their Best in Gold Mine in Armenia

Magna M-RIGID Tires at Their Best in Gold Mine in Armenia

One of our customers in Armenia faced some challenges for their gold mine. They needed tires for their Komatsu 785 dump truck, that could withstand the severe environmental conditions, such as heavy weather for most of the time. We had the perfect tire solution for their request: our Magna M-RIGID tires in size 27.00R49. The Magna M-RIGID is designed with rigid dump trucks in mind, therefore the tire is only available in sizes 27.00R49 and 33.00R51.

The Magna M-RIGID is built with an all steel radial construction and features a deep non-directional E4 tread pattern that provides perfect traction & protection against cuts and damages. In order to conquer anything in its path in even the harshest of environments, we introduced a even tougher, three star version of the Magna M-RIGID at Bauma 2022.

The Tires are Still Looking Good

Our customer is very happy about the performance of our tires. According to them, the tread pattern of our E4 Magna M-RIGID tires provides excellent traction and protection against cuts and damages. Which is why, after three months of operations and 27,000 kilometers later, the mounted tires are still looking good without any damages.

To enhance the tire performance, we regularly perform tire inspection and keep each other informed for optimal results. We are working together with this customer since 2019.

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