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    Magna MA08 Tires on Wheel Loader in Poland

Magna MA08 Tires on Wheel Loader in Poland

More than one year ago, we equipped this Liebherr wheel loader with our Magna MA08 tires. After this one+ year of working on harsh conditions, these tires are still intact and capable to perform. To ensure the best performance possible, the tires are measured continuously at the working site. We feel confident that our Magna MA08 tires will surpass the expectations of our customers, as some our customers have been working with the Magna MA08 for more than 10 years.

Magna MA08 Tires

The Magna MA08 tires have an extra-deep L4/L5 tread pattern to ensure exceptional traction on loaders. Its massive tread blocks, and aggressive, open design will increase your productivity with outstanding tire wear and the best grip. Other features are:

  • The deep tread, combined with its protected sidewall provide an outstanding level of cut- and damage-resistance.
  • The aggressive lug design offers a comfortable ride and good protection for the machine against vibrations.
  • The new improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tire.
  • Its all steel radial construction ensures improved protector plies which optimizes load performance and operator comfort.

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