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    Magna MA600 Tires in Steel Factory Peru

Steel Factory in Peru Very Pleased with our Magna MA600 Tires

One of our customers in Peru has a steel factory. Their equipment works with heavy duty material handling in the scrapyard area of the plant. Because our customer is very happy about the performance of Magna Tyres, they chose to mount our 18.00-25 Magna MA600 tires on their Liebherr LH60 M machine. The Magna MA600 are super solid tires, which makes them the perfect fit for working with material handlers in such conditions.

Optimal Results Result in Optimal Collaboration

The Magna MA600 tires in size 18.00-25 have been running for 10.300 hours in severe underfoot conditions for last two years. These hard-working tires are still up and running for our customer, which makes them very pleased with the results. We exchange feedback and results with our customer, resulting in an optimal collaboration. They are looking forward to future projects, as they are expanding their use of Magna Tyres on their machines. We are absolutely happy with the results and can’t wait for further collaboration with our customer.

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