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    Let us Introduce to You: Olga Matsveichyk

Let us Introduce to You: Olga Matsveichyk!

After her study Enterprise Management and her job as a Marketing Manager in Singapore, Olga decided to switch her position to Sales Manager. And it was the best decision she ever made! We asked Olga some questions, so you can get to know her.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

“I was born in a small city Bubruisk, in Belarus. I graduated from the Beloruassion University of Economics, worked at Misnk Tractor Works as Marketing Manager and then switched to Sales Manager (ASEAN). This role seemed more interesting to me and challenging, as it gave more options for my development. After 5 years, I joined Magna Tyres Singapore Pte Ltd since its opening as a Sales Manager for APAC region. This summer it is going to be already 5 years since I joined Magna Tyres, and I am happy with a promotion to General Manager. Besides the APAC region, I also take care of Mongolia, China and some ex-CIS countries.”

2. What drives you to work in the tyre business?

“Facing challenges were always my point of interest and the machinery/tyres business offers a lot along with interesting opportunities. The tyre business is very complex and very volatile. This triggers me to be able to adopt quickly especially during this time which keeps the mind fit in search of new solutions, approaches and unique problem-solving capabilities.”

3. Can you describe your market and customers?

“The APAC region could be divided into two: ASEAN and Australia and Oceania (including New Zealand). These two regions require knowledge along with sales, so customers won’t follow the price tag only. Therefore, training, explanation and presentation of our products are highly appreciated and valued. The OEM market and rumour mill are also excellent marketing tools in this region as anywhere else.”

4. What is it that your customers are looking for?

“Customer in this region are looking for a strong partner along with reliable and trustful relationships. A reliable product is in need too, but it should come with a reasonable price due to region proximity to big variety of Asian tyre manufacturers. Therefore, along with our product, we are bringing the brand of Manga Tyres as a solution, combined with knowledge, solutions and relationships. Along with the product, they are looking for a solution combined with knowledge and relationships.”

5. Why do your customers choose Magna Tyres?

“It’s all about personal relationships and putting the customer first. It is part of our DNA and cannot be easily copied by our competitors.”


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