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    Excellent Performance of Magna MA05 Tires

Excellent Performance of Magna MA05 Tires at Dutch Earthmoving Company

One of the leading companies in earthmoving and waste recycling in The Netherlands has been successfully testing the 26.5R25 Magna MA05 tires. After 3.300 working hours the tires are still in perfect condition and have 73% of the original tread depth remaining. The expected lifetime of the tires is estimated at 11.000 working hours. Due to the successful test the company has chosen Magna Tyres indefinitely.

Following the successful test with 26.5R25 Magna MA05, the company also recently started using 20.5R25 Magna MA01 and 23.5R25 Magna MA10 tires on their wheel loaders. The 20.5R25 MA01 Magna tires are used on Volvo L90E wheel loaders, which are designed for civil engineering.

The 23.5R25 Magna MA10 tires are mounted on Volvo L110F wheel loaders, designed for concrete, waste and asphalt recycling.

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