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    The 2022 ‘80 van de Langstraat’ Event was a Great Success

The 2022 ‘80 van de Langstraat’ Event was a Great Success!

This past weekend, the walking event ’80 van de Langstraat’ took place in Waalwijk, the home town of Magna Tyres. As you could read here, Magna Tyres became the official Platinum Sponsor of the event this year. As we had hoped, the event was a great success!

During the 80 van de Langstraat, our logo is proudly represented at the start/finish in the centre of Waalwijk.

‘De 80 van de Langstraat’

On Saturday evening, September 10th on 8.00 PM sharp, the event started in the city centre of Waalwijk. The participants take on the challenge to walk a staggering distance of 80 kilometres within 20 hours. Over 2400 participants took part in the 2022 edition of ‘de 80’ as it is known locally.

The following Sunday afternoon, September 11th, the last participants arrived and were warmly welcomed by family and friends. 1772 participants managed to reach the finish line in time.

Magna Tyres was able to assist the event in a number of ways as the official Platinum Sponsor. Besides the designs for the start/finish, we were able to provide all participants with a warm cup of coffee or water. But, perhaps most importantly, the volunteers of the 80 have been able to use our warehouse in Waalwijk during the past weeks to prepare and store drinks and other supplies for the weekend.

Our family heart is made happy by the fact that we could offer these wonderful volunteers a place where they could take the necessary preparations for the big event in a dry and warm place. In addition, we are proud to be able to contribute to the fun events organised in the region. It has been an honor for us to support such an event held right were we come from and we will continue to do so.


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