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    Magna MA60: When Versatility is Key

Magna MA60: When Versatility is Key

The Magna MA60 was developed to offer an all-road versatile OTR tyre and was publicly unveiled at Bauma 2022. When it comes to off-the-road hauling, the right dump truck tyre determines the success of your operations. If ground and weather conditions demand the versatility of an articulated dump truck, you need a tyre that is just as versatile. The Magna MA60 can deal with it all, no matter the conditions.

A Special Design for Better Protection

Specifically designed for 60 tonne articulated dump trucks, the Magna MA60 is the tyre you need for the most demanding applications. The MA60 is characterised by its specially designed wider steel belt to offer better protection for undertread and casing. This special design increases longevity and gives the tyre a more evenly spread footprint.

Available In Size 800/80R29

The non-directional wide base tyre was designed with maximum surface contact and excellent machine stability in mind. The Magna MA60 features a new and unique steel liner structure which brings a 15% increase in safety multiplier. To improve tyre strength even further, the MA60 was constructed with a robust sidewall design to help reduce inflation and improve stiffness with 12%.

The long-lasting E3/L3 radial tread design has excellent self-cleaning characteristics and maximises productivity while reducing long-term operation costs. The special rubber compound and exceptionally robust casing ensures greater resistance to damage, resulting in a prolonged tyre performance.

The Magna MA60 is exclusively available in size 800/80R29 and ready to order!


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