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EU Tire Label

The European tire label was introduced for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy duty vehicles, including Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tires. In the European Union, these tire labels are standardized information tags, providing consumers with essential performance details. These EU tire labels contain three key performance aspects:

  • Fuel efficiency rating
  • Wet grip rating
  • External rolling noise rating

Tire Regulations for Consumers

Manufacturers are required to comply with the European tire labelling regulations. These regulations aim to empower consumers to make informed choices by promoting awareness of a tire’s environmental impact, safety in wet conditions and noise levels. In this white paper, we provide you with insights into the labelling system and the explanation of the three performance aspect ratings.

Magna Tyres offers commercial truck tires with EU tire labels, which you can find in the Technical Data tables on our tire pages. For example, in our M-TRUCK tire range the Magna RG10 tire for regional purposes and the Magna CO30 tire for construction purposes.

Would you like to know more? You can download our white paper for the full explanation of EU tire labels.


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