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    Get to Know Our New Sales Manager

Introducing Our New Colleague Marzia Mendini

This month, our colleague Marzia Mendini joined the Magna Tyres Group as Sales Manager Italy & OEM. Marzia has worked in the wheel industry for the last seven years, which connects her to the world of tyres. She has worldwide experience working in different industries, including the agricultural sector, which connects her to another common interest.

Due to her working experience in the wheel industry, she has been in touch with Magna Tyres for about three years now regarding several wheel offers. Marzia noticed the potential our company has in the tyre industry. “As a wheel Sales Manager, I was aware about Magna Tyres’ potentiality in our business.”, says Marzia Mendini. She visited our booth at Bauma last year and after that, the interest for our vacancy started to grow. “I saw a relatively new tire brand and good people.”, Marzia stated. After the first three days at Magna Tyres now she says: “They are amazing people to work with. Everybody is very kind and available!”

Growing the Italian and OEM market share together

The first aim of Marzia is to develop business with our customers. She does this with availability, starting and keeping strong relationships, service, a close way of contacting and a good sense of needs. Her curiosity, personality and way of working make her a perfect addition to the Magna Tyres Group. We are glad that Marzia has chosen to work with us and we are happy to grow our Italian and OEM market share together!

You can contact us if you have any questions or you can ask her yourself via marzia.mendini@magnatyres.com


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