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    Magna Tyres & Vaculug: 15 Years of Excellent Partnership

Magna Tyres & Vaculug: 15 years of excellent partnership

Magna Tyres celebrates a special milestone with one of its oldest partners. It was 15 years ago that Vaculug Ltd became the official distributor for our industrial and earthmover tires in the United Kingdom. Since then, Vaculug has become one of our dearest partners that has resulted in close collaborations.

Vaculug Ltd

Vaculug seeks to be the United Kingdom’s first-choice, single-source tire solutions provider by delivering the best products and exceptional value for money. Founded in 1950, Vaculug has been at the front of the British manufacturing industry. Since then, Vaculug has incorporated various sectors of the industry such as car, truck, tractor and earthmover. Vaculug focused its attention on bringing these industries the most suitable tires for their vehicle fleets. Vaculug has developed itself to become the largest independent tire reprocessor in Europe.

Magna Tyres & Vaculug

Over the years, Magna Tyres and Vaculug have intensified the collaborations in various ways. The most recognizable and recent project was sharing a stand on the Hillhead Quarry expo in Butxon, UK in 2022.

Read more about Vaculug on their website.


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