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    Reifen Helm Visists Magna Tyres HQ

Reifen Helm Visits Magna Tyres HQ to Celebrate Partnership

We invited our valued partners at Reifen Helm in Germany to visit us at the Magna Tyres Headquarters. We have been doing business together for more than 8 years so we felt it was time to invite them over so they could see the company behind the partnership.

Reifen Helm

Reifen Helm

Since their first order over 8 years ago, we have been working closer and closer with Reifen Helm to provide the customers with the best tire solutions. Reifen Helm is the one-stop-shop for all tire-related issues. They are known for their excellent service for everything to do with tires, storage and assembly. Operating out of an impressive 51 locations with over 500 employees in Germany, Reifen Helm always has a tire solution nearby.

As they state themselves, their goal is to be present wherever their customers needs them. This resonates perfectly with the Magna mentality of short lines of communication and delivering exactly what the customer needs, when he needs it. Therefore, our partnership hit the ground running the moment we started to do business so many years ago.

We very much look forward to collaboration even more with Reifen Helm and are very enthusiastic about what the future will bring!


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