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    Why Tires Matter

    A Podcast With Magna Tyres Group CEO Michael de Ruijter

A Podcast With Magna Tyres Group CEO Michael de Ruijter

Recently, Magna Tyres Group President and CEO Mr. Michael de Ruijter and Marketing Manager Mr. Nick van Loon were invited to take part in the official Dirt World Podcast to elaborate on the Magna Tyres story and share their visions and experiences in the construction industry in general.

What’s the Dirt World Podcast?

The Dirt World Podcast is a casual conversation-style interview format for leaders in the dirt world hosted by BuildWitt’s Jason Richmond. The Dirt World Podcast provides access to insights from veterans in the industry and expert leaders within the construction business. Since Magna Tyres is known for its reliable tire solutions and has made waves in multiple industries by doing things our own way, Jason was eager to learn more on our methods and visions. The podcast was a tie-in to Magna Tyres’ participation in the first-ever Dirt World Summit, held in Houston from 25 to 27 October 2023.

Why Tires Matter

In this episode of Dirt World Podcast, Michael de Ruijter takes you along the early days of Magna Tyres. From buying and selling other brand’s tires so he could fund the production of his own tire brand to the buy & build strategy Magna Tyres Group currently maintains. Michael and Nick delve into the history of how Magna Tyres came to be, how we got at this point and what the goals for the future are.

Further on, Michael, Nick and Jason discuss the importance and relevance of quality tires in cornerstone industries such as construction, how technological developments in the tire business have come a long way in making the industry safer and more productive, and how electric machines are shaking up the market & demand another approach to development of new products.

Watch the podcast on YouTube in the video below or listen to it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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