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    Appreciation letter for Magna M-TERMINAL Tires

Appreciation Letter for Magna M-TERMINAL Tires

Our customer in Saudi Arabia was very satisfied with our Magna M-TERMINAL tires in size 310/80R22.5. They sent us a testimonial letter in appreciation. Our tires were fitted on several terminal tractors and terminal trailers in Jubail Commercial Port in 2022. According to our customer, our 310/80R22.5 Magna M-TERMINAL tires covered an average operation period of 4.350 hours and are still running! The tires are meeting our customers’ expectations without any premature failures.

Project for Terminal Tractors and Trailers

The tires had been deployed for a Container Bulk & General Cargo Handling project. Developed for terminal tractors and terminal trailers, our Magna M-TERMINAL tires have a deep tread with an industrial casing. With high resistance to damage and punctures, these tires were perfect for the job.

Did you know that our Magna M-TERMINAL tires are also capable of handling an aircraft tug? Contact us if you have any tire-related projects.