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    Impressive performance Magna MB440 Tires at Coal Mine

Impressive performance Magna Tyres at a Coal Mine in South Africa

One of the leading heavy duty earthmoving rental companies in South Africa is currently using Magna Tyres on their Dump Trucks. The customer described the performance as very impressive, with the tires being able to reach 6.000 – 8.000 hours, depending on the mounted axle. These tires are running in a Coal Mine and currently still in action!

Our customer used our Magna MB440 tires in size 27.00-49 and our Magna M-TERRAIN tires in size 29.5R25.

After almost 4000 working hours of these Magna MB440 front tires, they still have 32% tread remaining! The expectation of these tires are 6000 working hours.

The Magna MB440 tires on the back have worked more than 5000 hours and they still have 27% tread remaining! These tires have an expectation for 8000 working hours.

The other dump trucks in our customers’ fleet are using our Magna M-TERRAIN tires.

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