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    Kenyan Quarry Selects Magna MA02 Tires

Kenyan Quarry Selects Magna MA02 as Preferred OTR Tires

Recently, we supplied our Magna MA02 E3+/L3+ tires in size 23.5R25 to lead this CAT 950G wheel loader in a Quarry operation in Kenya. The fitment was done in July 2020 and the tires have been running and performing very well so far.

After two months of very intensive use, with over 12 operation hours per day, no wear is visible and the selected tread pattern provides outstanding traction on the soft surface.

Our customer has decided to specify more various sizes of Magna Tyres’ products across their fleet of loaders and dump trucks after this very successful period. We are pleasantly looking forward to the completion of the trial period and continue to work in close collaboration together with our customer.

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