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    Magna MA09 Tires Still Working in Saudi Arabia

Magna MA09 Tires Still Working in Saudi Arabia After Three Years

We are proud to say, that after three years the Magna MA09 in size 36.00R51 is still performing in tough conditions in Saudi Arabia! These tires are fitted under machines of one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest cement producers.

The company built a new production site with two turnkey cement clinker production lines. They included two mobile primary crushers for limestone, three crushers for additives, two crushers for correctives as well as two circular blending beds for limestone. Our Magna MA09 tires are mounted under the two giant crushers for the use of processing limestone.

Chosen as Preferred Supplier in 2019

In the beginning of 2019, we were chosen as preferred supplier to deliver quality tires for our customer. The Magna MA09 in size 36.00R51 was selected and mounted in two complete in-pit mobile crushing plants. In total 32 tires with rims were assembled and transported to the local site to deploy in heavy operations.

Magna MA09 Tires

The Magna MA09 is a radial OTR tire specifically engineered for rigid dump trucks and hauler trucks in mining situations. The huge tread blocks help improve the tire’s road-holding and cut-resistance. In addition, the distinctive deep E4 tread design of the Magna MA09 provides outstanding traction and later stability. Good braking and cornering performance are also ensured. The Magna MA09 offers outstanding performance on rough and gravel terrains, even on ice and snow.

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