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    Magna MA07+ Tires on Underground Dump Truck

35/65R33 Magna MA07+ Mounted On Underground Dump Truck In India

In the pursuit of superior performance and reliability, a mining company was looking for a new tire supplier for his underground mine in India. The company’s previous experience with other brands led the customer to look further, which led to Magna Tyres. The demanding conditions in which our customer operates in, ensures that they have a high standard for their equipment. Apart from Magna Tyres’ high quality products, one of the other compelling factors in the decision process was the effort we made by investing in the relationship with our customer.

Very Impressed With Magna Tyres’ Commitment

The 35/65R33 Magna MA07+ tires were fitted to low profile underground dump trucks from Caterpillar. These tires have now clocked over 200 hours of operation. Our customer can now assess their performance with some initial thoughts. We are proud to report our customer is very satisfied with the overall performance and quality of his tires. Our customer acknowledges the commendable performance exhibited by the products during the first hours of operation and expects the tires will last well beyond the 2,000 hours mark.

Crucial to the overall customer experience is the collaborative partnership between the customer and Magna Tyres. The immediate responses to inquiries and proactive on-site visits have been the core ingredients to forming a strong working relationship. The customer’s happiness with the level of engagement and support received further solidifies Magna Tyres’ commitment to delivering not only exceptional products but also a service that exceeds customer expectations.