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    Magna MA600 Tires Fitted in Kandla Port India

Fitted Tires on Material Handler in Kandla Port India

Recently, our Magna MA600 tires in size 23.5-25 were fitted on a Liebherr material handler. Our customer is operating in Kandla Port, India. Due to the heavy workload for the machine, they needed solid tires for the job. Our Magna MA600 tires are extremely stable, puncture resistant and maintenance-free. Our customer was very satisfied with our quality and performance services. That is why they chose us and we are happy to hear that they find us a reliable brand with ultimate performance.

We Like to Keep Our Customers Happy

Our customer informed us that they were happy with our services from our colleagues in India. After the delivery of our tires to the Kandla Port, they had given one more new order for the same pattern and size. Those tires were happily sent on their way and found their destination in the meantime. We would love to supply our customer with new tires for the machines they need at their port. Now and in the future.

The satisfaction of our customers is highly valued at Magna Tyres. That is why we frequently perform quality checks of our tire performance. Our Sales Managers visits our customers personally for this check. If you appreciate good quality tires with personal contact, make sure to contact us with your request.