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    Six New Magna MA04+A Tires on Rigid Dump Truck

Six New Magna MA04+A Tires on Rigid Dump Truck in Armenia

Six new 27.00R49 Magna MA04+A tires were installed on a Caterpillar 777 rigid dump truck. The off-the-road tires are used under the most heavy weather and road conditions. Our distributor in Armenia visited the copper mine on for a technical site visit and to check the performance of all the six new tires. When they changed the tires on 05-12-2019 the mileage of the CAT 777 was 264.821 km in total and during the technical site visit the mileage of the machine was 266.702 km in total.

So in 13 days this rigid dump truck drove 1881 km and the tires were still looking good without any damages. With this delivery in Armenia, Magna Tyres shows once again to be able to provide every customer worldwide with quality tires together with world-class service. To ensure the promised quality, the performance of these tires will continuously be monitored at the mining site, and we feel confident that our tires will surpass all expectations of this customer.

Magna MA04+A Tires

The Magna MA04+A features huge tread blocks and wide grooves in the shoulder. The Magna MA04+A is an upgraded version based on the Magna MA04+.

  • The huge tread blocks in the center of the crown ensure it has a greater contact area
  • MA04+A owns better puncture resistance and wear resistance which leads to a prolonged service life
  • The design of the wide grooves in the shoulder help it owns better heat release
  • Applicable to high-hardness and tough mining condition area.

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