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Different Tyres for Port Handling Equipment

Different Tyres for Port Handling Equipment

In the past several years, the variety of equipment in ports has evolved into a number of operations, each with specific challenges for the tyres. Below you will see the seven most popular machines, with their challenges and their perfect port handling tyre!

Container Handlers

While they may, or may not, carry weight, container handlers must be able to cope with the extreme height reach of their loading masts. Sometimes as high as 15-17 metres! This creates a heavy load on the front axle. But the rear tyres also come under pressure, as they have to ensure vehicle stability.

The instability of this machine is especially a problem when making sharp turns or encountering potholes. In addition, container handlers are often driven at high speeds, which also puts a load on the tyres and creates a ‘kissing’ effect between the dual front tyres’ inner facing sidewalls.

Container handlers have to carry extreme weights, so it is important to fit a good tyre. Magna Tyres has 3 good options for this. The first on is the Magna M-STACKER+. This tyre has been specifically designed for container handlers, reach stackers and heavy duty forklifts in pack and stack applications.  The second option is the Magna MB01. This tyre has a highly wear resistant tread compound to avoid tread cracks and for excellent performance and an extended tyre lifecycle. Besides this tyre, they also have the Magna MB01S for container handlers, a special slick type.

Heavy Duty Forklifts

These machines, which themselves can weigh as much as 20 tons, are often used to move large, heavy loads. The problem that heavy duty forklifts often face is the lack of stability. The loads they have to move can be lifted up to five metres high, on just one axle.

So with these machines, it is important that the tyres provide good stability and ensure low rolling resistance. The special compound of the Magna MB800 ensures that the above factors are maintained. In addition, the special compound ensures the wear and puncture resistance, giving the tyre a long service life. But also the Magna MR800+ is an industrial tyre designed to deliver optimum performance and traction in industrial lug and port applications.

Reach Stackers

Since loads are often heavier than indicated, this must be kept in mind. Especially since containers can be lifted to heights of up to 12 metres. With an empty weight of 70-80 tons, a reach stacker can carry heavy loads on single axles.

Because reach stackers often carry heavy weights and stability is important at large heights, the Magna M-STACKER+ can also be used here, as well as the Magna MB01 or Magna MB01S.

Straddle Carriers

Straddle carriers often have an empty weight of 70 tons and are often operated at speeds up to 30 kph, keeping the load 25 metres above the ground. A major challenge with straddle carriers is that they can rock or sway when braking hard. This is because the ‘slip-stick’ effect causes the tyres to lose contact with the surface. As a result, the vehicle makes uncontrolled movements.

It is very important with these machines that the tyres have damping properties. This requires a stiff tyre. the Magna M-STRADDLE/Magna M-STRADDLE+ have a specific crown design, substantial walls, superior traction and are damage resistant. Besides that, the steel radial construction provides outstanding shock absorption. Therefore this is a perfect straddle carrier tyre!

Terminal Tractors

Of all the port handling machines, terminal tractors get the most mileage, with associated acceleration, braking and turning. Because of this amount of driving, they also encounter many different surfaces, from wet to slippery with potholes, bumps and foreign objects. All of this increases tyre wear and the chance of a flat tyre.

Many terminal operators use road tyres instead of a special port handling tyre, because the tyres often do not meet all the requirements. This is why the Magna M-TERMINAL and Magna M-TERMINAL+ are specially designed for terminal tractors and trailers. With a deep tread profile and industrial casing, this terminal tyre offers high resistance to damage and punctures.

Mobile Harbour Cranes

Unlike other port handling machines, mobile harbour cranes (MHC’s) do not place a burden on their tyres when moving loads. The weakness of these machines is the enormous unloaded weight while moving, up to 600 tons. In addition, MHC’s are static for long periods of time and in some climates certain parts of the port handling tyre may then be more exposed to UV radiation. This accelerates the ageing process of rubber. When MHC’s move, it is also often in a regular pattern, along a straight line. As a result, the tyres often fail well before their expected service life.

The Magna MB300+ is a good option as mobile harbour crane tyre. This tyre has a study carcass structure design, fully suitable for heavy torque and heavy loads on port mechanical vehicles.

Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes

The last machine is the gantry crane. These rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTG) carry enormous weights, because both the weight of the load and that of the crane itself must be carried. These cranes cover little distance and use low speed in the process. Nevertheless, there are a few challenges.

First of all, the tyres of RTG cranes are expected to be able to turn on site, sometimes at a huge 90-degree angle. The machine itself does not move, only the tyres are rotated. This puts enormous strain on the tyres. In addition, the lack of movement can cause many problems. For example, there is continuous UV radiation in one place and also constant loads in one place. This leads to flat spots. Tyres fitted on RTG cranes are often parked for a long time. Therefore, the tyres need to jack off and cover the weight to protect them.

The Magna MB300+ has a sturdy carcass structure design; this design is fully suitable for heavy torque and heavy load on port mechanical vehicles. Second, the Magna MR800+ is engineered with special tread compound to run cool, fight rapid wear and deliver remarkable stability. Perfect for optimum traction in industrial crane applications. The third tyre that can be used here is the Magna MB01. It is made with a highly wear-resistant tread compound to avoid tread cracks and for excellent performance and an extended tyre life-cycle.


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