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    Magna M-RIGID Available in 3-Star Rating

Magna M-RIGID Available in 3-Star Rating

The Magna M-RIGID is a quality E4-tire that was specifically designed for the biggest rigid dump truck operating in the most demanding circumstances. In its 2 star configuration, the Magna M-RIGID is already a tire known for its capabilities to haul big loads in long operating hours. At Bauma 2022, Magna Tyres pushed the limits of the M-RIGID even further by also offering the tire with a 3 star rating!

Redefining the Limits of Mining Productivity

Open pit mining quarries are among the harshest environments OTR tires have to operate in. Hauling large loads in these demanding conditions pushes tires to the limits of its capabilities. The Magna M-RIGID has a deep, non-directional tread pattern that provides excellent traction and protection against cuts and damages while the high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tire.

Carry More, Carry it Further

Available in sizes 27.00R49 and 33.00R51, the Magna M-RIGID 3-Star is built for the big loads. The full-depth tread blocks and innovative self-cooling design already offered an exceptional long tire life, often averaging 8000+ operating hours. Now with its 10% stronger carcass, the tire life of the M-RIGID 3-Star tire is elongated even further by 8 to 10 percent.

The stronger all-steel radial carcass construction of the M-RIGID 3-Star also increases the single max load capacity by 9 percent, resulting in an average load increase of approx. 2750 kg per haul. The increased strength of the tire results in increased mining productivity while also advocating in the Magna Tyres philosophy of optimizing costs per hour without yielding on quality. The Magna M-RIGID 3-Star configuration truly redefines the capabilities of a mining tire!


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