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What do PCR, TBR and OTR Mean?

What do PCR, TBR and OTR Mean?

The most commonly used tire terms in the tire industry are: TBR, PCR and OTR. Those familiar in the tire industry, know exactly what it means, but for the new ones among us it may be a mystery. Within Magna Tyres, only the terms OTR and TBR are used, as PCR stands for Passenger Car Radial tire.

PCR Tires

As mentioned PCR stands for Passenger Car Radial tires and is used for tires that fit under car vehicles. Often they are just called ‘tires’ because they cannot be fitted underneath other vehicles or machines than cars.

PLT tires are also often mentioned, which is a slightly broader concept. PLT tires include PCR and Light Truck tires. However, these Light Truck tires should not be confused with TBR tires. PLT tires consist of a semi-steel structure which provides a better and more comfortable driving experience. There are different sizes for PLT tires, such as 185/65R14 and 215/60R16. Magna Tyres does not offer these sizes, as we are specialized in the larger OTR tires.

TBR Tires

TBR is the short name of Truck, Bus and Radial tires. So it can be seen that TBR tires are mainly used for truck and bus vehicles.

Sometimes, TBR tires are called commercial tires, as these tires are often used on commercial vehicles. In addition, the TBR tire’s structure is all steel wire, which means that they have better loading performance. Magna Tyres offers TBR tires in different sizes, for example the 13R22.5, 12.00R20 and the 325/95R24.

TBR tires from Magna Tyres are especially designed for trucks operating in off-road conditions. The wide, deep tread promotes long tire life.

OTR Tires

OTR tires is the short name for Off the Road tires. As the name describes, tires for giant vehicles such as dump trucks or loaders fall within this category. Mostly, these tires operate in mine areas or at port and terminals.

Examples of OTR sizes from Magna Tyres are the 16.00R25, 20.5R25 and the 29.5R25. All our OTR tires are designed to perform on all off-road applications because of their deep tread depth and heat-resistant rubber compound.


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