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All You Need To Know About Truck Tires' Areas of Use

Truck Tires by Area of Use

The range of truck tires includes many different types, sizes and tread patterns. This makes sense, as truck tires can be used for many different applications! When choosing the right truck tire, you should take several factors into consideration: will long distances be driven? Or will it be short distances? Is the road surface flat? Or do you often drive on off-road terrain? Below I will explain a few applications and show you the tire that can be used!

International Transport

Driving long distances at high speed is an important factor in international transport. You need a tire that has high wear resistance and offers excellent driving performance. The best steer-axle tire to be used for this purpose is the Magna MHSL, especially for long haul high-speed driving conditions. Followed by the Magna MHDL as a drive-axle tire and the Magna MHTL as trailer tire.

Regional and Local Transport

A typical feature of tires used in regional and local transport is that they regularly accelerate and decelerate. These tires cover fewer miles than international transport, but they must be safe and optimized for medium haul operating conditions.

The best tire to be used for this purpose is the Magna MHSR, a steer-axle. The Magna MSR can be used here as drive-axle tire, which is an all position tire. Followed by a trailer tire such as the Magna MTC, which is optimized for regional distance traffic.

Intensive Construction Site

There are also truck tires used as construction tire. These tires are specially designed to perform well on many different tires of surfaces, such as wet and very dry surfaces. Are you interested in using your truck tires on construction sites? Check out the Magna MSC as an all-position tire. Both tires are designed to ensure excellent traction in on- and off road construction surfaces.

On- and Off Road

Finally, we have the truck tires that are specially designed for use as both on- and off road tires. These tires must perform on both muddy and sandy terrain. For this purpose there is an all position tire, the Magna MSO. But truck tires must also perform on wet or snowy roads, for which there is the Magna MSO-3. Also an all position tire.

More Information?

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