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    Speaking Session at ASEAN Ports & Shipping Event

Ms. Olga Matveitshyk to Speak at ASEAN Ports & Shipping Event

Magna Tyres is excited to announce a thought-provoking and insightful session at the upcoming ASEAN Ports & Shipping event featuring Ms. Olga Matveitshyk, General Manager at Magna Tyres Singapore. In the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, Olga will elaborate on her vision how to enhance port sustainability by improving operational efficiency, from a tire point of view. The event will take place from October 31 – November 2.

Enhancing Port Sustainability Via Improved Operational Efficiency

The port handling industry is an essential cornerstone of the global economy. Whether you look at it from a employment, trade or movement of goods point of view, efficient and well-managed ports play a fundamental role in a country’s economic development and its integration into the global economy. Even though the relevance of ports worldwide is a given, so is its environmental footprint. While the sustainability of ports varies from location to another, in general it can be stated that ports are still a long way removed from being carbon-neutral.

While there is still a lot of ground to be covered to get ports to be ‘green’, there’s a lot to be won in optimization of operations. Tyres can play a significant role in operational efficiency, on which Olga will elaborate.

Please come and visit Olga’s speaking session at the ASEAN Ports & Shipping event on Thursday November 2nd at 9.15 AM.

If you have further questions regarding the session, you can find Olga during the exhibition at booth 39.


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