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    Magna M-TERRAIN on Austrian Earthmover Again

Magna M-TERRAIN in Size 26.5R25 on Austrian Earthmover Again

An Austrian customer was in need for some fresh rubber on their Caterpillar 972M machine. There was zero doubt what tire pattern it should be: they fitted our Magna M-TERRAIN tires!

Our customer once wanted to try a new tire for their earthmovers and found our Magna M-TERRAIN. They gave them a try and were blown away by the results. Now, our customer has chosen our Magna M-TERRAIN tires in size 26.5R25 for the third time in a row.

Magna M-TERRAIN Tires

The Magna M-TERRAIN is an E4-pattern and has excellent traction on every terrain. Thanks to the deeper tread depth and unique tread compound, the Magna M-TERRAIN has an improved tire life. In addition, the multi-edged blocks offer improved flotation and excellent traction on both soft and muddy soil.

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