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    Magna MA02 Running Over 5700 Machine Hours

Magna MA02 Running Over 5700 Machine Hours at Latvian Softwood Sawmill

AKZ Ltd is one of the largest softwood sawmills of Latvia. They are using our Magna MA02 E3+/L3+ tires to their full satisfaction. The Magna MA02 tires, size 23.5R25, were mounted on a wheel loader at the end of April 2012. Currently these tires have been running for over 5700 working hours. The tires are still running smoothly and performing exceptionally well, matching both our companies’ expectations. The remaining tread depth is still 24 mm, which shows the reliability and optimal durability of these tires.

Continued Partnership

We are both happy with our partnership, which is why we are glad to be able to continue working together. Our customer already mounted our Magna MA02 tires in size 26.5R25 on another machine at the sawmill. We look forward to make our collaboration even better.

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