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    Komatsu Loader with Magna MA601 Tires

Komatsu Loader with Magna MA601 Tires at Our Customer’s Landfill

Magna MA601 tires have once again proven to be the best option. After working 3.557 MTH on a Komatsu WA470 loader, tires in size 26.5-25 after measurements indicate the possibility of achieving the target mileage on the front axle at the level of 15.000 MTH and about 20.000 on the rear axle.

The obvious difference in the rate of wear is due to the nature of the machine work and frequent slips of the front axle on slippery concrete covered by garbage waste. Magna MA601 tires ensure continuous operation of the loader by eliminating downtime caused by frequent cuts and tears characteristic for such places. Despite the high price of solid tires, after analyzing the costs previously associated with repairs of pneumatic tires and long standstills of the loader, customer concluded that solid tires are the most efficient and the cheapest choice in the long run. The tread depth has also a significant advantage: it is 2.5 times higher than in pneumatic tires even of the L5 class.

Magna MA601 Tires

The Magna MA601 has been engineered for use in scrap yards, slag steel mills, glass works, dumping sites, waste sites and loading fields. The Magna MA601 tire pattern has an advanced tread compound based on top-quality natural rubber.

This tire pattern delivers a reduced rolling resistance with good strength and excellent abrasion-resistance. The Magna MA601 provides strong absorption for increased driver comfort and reduced truck maintenance.

  • Up to three times more wearable rubber than pneumatic tires.
  • Maximum hardness insuring exceptional stability and lower deflection.
  • Soft ride construction reduces vibration and protects machine and operator.

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