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    Magna MA608 TWIN WHEEL Tires in Peru

Magna MA608 TWIN WHEEL Tires on Material Handler in Peru

Last month we’ve received a reference from our customer in Peru about our Magna MA600 tires. We mentioned that they are expanding their use of Magna Tyres on their machines, thanks to well-performing tire pattern of ours. Apart from the Magna MA600, our customer now has our Magna MA608 TWIN WHEEL tires running on their Sennebogen 835E machine. The tires have been active for several years on the material handler.

Withstanding Harsh Operating Conditions of a Material Handler

Material handlers work in very hard operating conditions. For the challenges these machines encounter in the steel factory of our customer for example, you need strong tires that can handle these conditions. This is why the Magna MA608 TWIN WHEEL is highly suitable, thanks to its solid tire construction. This twin-tire in size 12.00-20 offers excellent machine stability and maximum safety for our customer. We are both happy with the results of all current projects and we can’t wait for further collaborations and future projects.

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