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    Magna MR800 Still in Business After 5300 Hours

Magna MR800 Still in Business After 5300 Hours

The lifespan of the Magna MR800 14.00-24 on a Hyster H22.00XM-12EC container truck is significantly increased due to the new designed tire saving axle. These are the results of the first measurements of our OEM tires on the new machine from Hyster.

The Latest Technology of Hyster

On a conventional axle with two tires on each side, the inner and outer wheels of a pair rotate at the same time in the curves, even though they have different twist lengths. This causes abrasion at one of the wheels, which results in conical wear. This is normal for all similar trucks of all manufacturers and covers all kinds of machinery. Hyster has been able to drastically reduce this by using a brand new saving technology. The differential is mounted in the wheel and ends at each side of the shaft, allowing the wheels to rotate independently. With this solution, Hyster has managed to reduce tire wear with an expected factor of 3 for the front (drive) and 1.5 on the rear tires (steer).

This is proved by the Magna MR800, which already has an excellent track record on container trucks, but thanks to this advanced technology still measures a tread depth of 30% after 5300 operating hours.

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