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    Magna MB300 Under a RTG Crane

Magna MB300 Under a Rubber Tired Gantry Crane in the UAE

In January 2022, we fitted our Magna MB300 tires in size 16.00-25 under a Liebherr rubber tired gantry crane in the UAE. Our customer is well aware of the performance our Magna MB300 in the port handling segment and is happy to use Magna Tyres for his operations.

Our customer quoted: “I am very happy about the performance of these tires. They are still running after six months with even wear and without any damage.”

Our customer is a terminal operator, and wanted the lowest cost of ownership for his rubber tired gantry crane. He chose Magna Tyres to achieve this. Due to the good performance of our Magna MB300, we look forward to a long term cooperation.

Magna MB300 Tires

Our Magna MB300 is a multi-functional tire pattern, designed for container handling equipment at ports and terminals. Its wide tread improves mobility and offers a more comfortable ride with excellent heat-resistance and wearing performance. The Magna MB300 is especially designed with compounded rubber to resist cutting and wearing, as well as overheating. It is therefore the perfect tire for harsh and heavy operations.

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