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Earthmoving Machines and Their Tires

Earthmoving Machines and Their Tires

Within the earthmoving industry, it is important that the tires of the machines can withstand different surfaces. For example, from rocky to soft terrain and muddy to hard terrain. Many different earthmoving machines drive on these surfaces. In fact each machine has a different application in the field. For this reason it is important to determine the right tire for your machine. Below shows you for each machine which tire can be used to increase the productivity and operating costs.

Articulated Dump Trucks

An articulated dump truck (ADT) has a body that is divided into two sections: a tractor component that contains the cab and a trailer component that contains the dump body. An ADT works by bending at the articulation joint, so it can navigate more easily. When ADT’s need to turn, the cab of the truck turns first. It rotates at the articulation joint from a 90-degree angle with the dump bed. Meanwhile, the back section of the chassis, the section with the dump bed, remains in position.

Due to the multiple turns in one position, a lot of dirt can get between the thread of the tires. Our Magna M-TERRAIN is excellent for this purpose. The self-cleaning and sturdy deep tread of the tire extends longevity and reduces the long-term operating costs. Articulated dump trucks are suited to job sites where the terrain is muddy. Therefore the Magna MA02+ could also be an option.

Rigid Dump Trucks

The difference between an ADT and RDT: in a rigid dump truck, the cab and dump body both sit on the same fixed chassis. A rigid dump truck steers by using a rack and pinion system. This system turns the entire chassis of the truck at the same time as the front and rear wheels move.

Rigid dump trucks perform good on well-maintained haul roads at higher speeds. The Magna MA02 is ideally suited to higher speeds applications operating on a wide variety of surfaces. Specially developed for rigid dump trucks is the Magna M-RIGID. This E4-tyre with full-depth tread blocks and innovative self-cooling design improve the performance of the tire.


Scrapers are used to remove layers of earth across a vast area of land. Heat is a debilitating force that scraper tires fight everyday because they often work on relatively rocky surfaces. Operating under heavy loads and at speeds as high as 30 miles per hour, many scraper tires just can’t take the heat.

The Magna MA02F is a durable and aggressive E3+ tire for medium-powered scrapers requiring high traction force during the most demanding jobs. The special rock design and reinforced sidewalls offers excellent protection against cutting and abrasion on all terrains.

Wheel Loader

Wheel loaders are earthmoving machines used primarily as loading equipment to handle materials with a front-mounted bucket. A lift-arm assembly raises and lowers the bucket on the loader machine. There are a number of different types of wheel loaders, for example compact loaders and small loaders. Therefore, it is important that the tires of the wheel loaders are able to be used in various applications.

The radial constructed Magna MA01 features an aggressive self-cleaning tread design. This tire is engineered to deliver a smooth ride and superior traction on all types of terrain. More specific, the Magna MA05 is designed for wheel loaders to meet the demanding requirements in surface mines, quarries, scrap yards and underground mine transports.


A grader is used to level the unpaved roads. A grader blade is mounted under the frame of the machine which ensures that a surface is compacted. In this way, the grader ensures that the tires of machines, such as an ADT, that drive on the unpaved road are less likely to be damaged. It is therefore important that the tires of graders can withstand rough surfaces.

The Magna MA08 is designed with exceptional traction due to its massive blocks and aggressive, open design. The deep tread of the tire, combined with the protected sidewall provides an outstanding level of cut- and damage-resistance. For use in extreme and rocky conditions including in some cases underground operations the Magna MA10+ is a good solution.


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