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    Meet Our Dubai Team

Diverse, inclusive and belonging: meet our Dubai team

For 5 years, the Magna Tyres MEA office has been operating in the United Arab Emirates, also described as: ‘a tiny country where the world lives in harmony’. We asked the team leader, Vijay Nambiar, some questions, so you can get to know the team better!

1. Can you tell us something about the team?

With more than 200 nationalities to cater to, Magna Tyres MEA made its glorious entry to the United Arab Emirates in 2016, also known as ‘The Land of Golden Sand’. Over the years, our team has grown with people joining us from various backgrounds and culture. We believe this had added to the value and integrity of the brand for being globally diverse, inclusive and belonging for the people involved, developed and trusted by the business. Our team maintains mutual support that their unique talents matter and that their individual needs are cared for by their colleagues and leaders. Which explains that the very human acts of acknowledgement, inclusion, dignity, and compassion is critical for our success.

2. Can you describe the market and customers?

We work with customers from different parts of the world in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and part of South America. The past years, we have grown stronger in handling the diverse client base and adopting to the suitable client relationship patterns.

The migration of customers from different regions could only be made possible influence every part and level of the business, ensuring that our customers feel sage to bring themselves and the trust into the brand Magna Tyres and its service. Today, we are more diverse and globally connected than ever before. We introduced Magna Tyres to more than 40 sea port terminals in the region, which we now have long term collaborations with. In addition, we introduced Magna Tyres to several OEM customers.

3. Is there something else you would like to say?

I think, what sets us apart is that we are all expatriates working in the region amongst different nationalities and cultures. Thus, adding to the ones which helps us stretch in longitudes and be able to serve the wide spectrum of people in the region. We are now planning for a successful entity in India; ‘The Land of Opportunity’. We are happy and proud to expand our team, and are looking forward to collaborate with new colleagues and partners there.


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