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    MTP Tyres

With the addition of MTP Tyres, the Magna Tyres Group is expanding their solutions and services for a broader spectrum of customers. MTP Tyres is the official second brand of the Magna Tyres Group. The company is characterised by their fast delivery and a fair price level, while maintaining a good quality our customers are expecting.

This distinctive second product line fulfils the need for customers who attach great value to the low cost price of tyres. This range consists of tyres for demanding applications, such as surface mining, underground mining, quarries, construction sites, ports and terminals, cranes and industrial operations. With multiple different tread patterns, the tyres of MTP Tyres offer many OTR solutions for your needs.

MTP Tyres delivers quality for a competitive price, leading to a low cost price per hour/kilometre and a highly efficient operation. Find out more on mtptyres.com or look at our tyre range.