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    Discover our Magna M-TRUCK Tyre Range

Have You Discovered our Magna M-TRUCK Tyre Range Yet?

Earlier this year, we presented the Magna M-TRUCK tyre range for North America. This range consisted of 11 new tyre patterns for medium trucks, ranging from steer axle, drive axle and all position tyres. We have redesigned our whole truck product lineup and added tyres with focus on various important aspects of hauling freight. It’s our goal to design an entire tyre portfolio for every situation, no matter what the challenge is.

Expanding the Range and Continents

Now, we expanded our truck tyre range extensively with additional Magna M-TRUCK tyres, available in even more continents across the world. The Magna M-TRUCK range provides an answer for every trucking and hauling related challenge you might have. Whether you are in need of a drive axle tyre that just offers great performance in everyday situations, or an all position tyre that can deal with any situation you could come across during hauls. The Magna M-TRUCK range has a fitting tyre for your needs.

The tyre range is currently available in twelve tyre patterns:

  1. Magna M-TRUCK RG10
  2. Magna M-TRUCK RG11
  3. Magna M-TRUCK RG20
  4. Magna M-TRUCK RG30
  5. Magna M-TRUCK RG31
  6. Magna M-TRUCK CO10
  7. Magna M-TRUCK CO20
  8. Magna M-TRUCK CO30
  9. Magna M-TRUCK LH10
  10. Magna M-TRUCK LH11
  11. Magna M-TRUCK LH30
  12. Magna M-TRUCK LH31

Make sure to check with your sales manager which tyre pattern is available in your region.

The Magna M-TRUCK Tyre Range

Consisting of steer, drive, trailer and all position tyres that are developed for long haul, regional or construction applications, Magna Tyres designed a complete product portfolio specifically designed to deal with any challenge. No matter the severity of the conditions. In short, if there’s a hauling job to do, there’s a Magna M-TRUCK tyre to do it with!

Suitable for any commercial truck used for distribution of long haul operations, these tyres provide the driver with comfort and reliability over long distances. Available in a range of sizes, the Magna M-TRUCK series is designed for superior performance under all road conditions, including light off-road use. The unique features of these tyres include their excellent wear resistance and durability; responsive steering and manoeuvrability; high resistance to cuts and punctures; low rolling resistance and noise generations and of course superior fuel efficiency!

Are you interested in becoming our dealer for the Magna M-TRUCK tyres? Make sure to contact us via our contact form. You will find all our truck tyres here.


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