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Stronger Partnership with Grupo Salco

Magna Tyres Strengthens Partnership with Grupo Salco

Recently, we welcomed our partners at Grupo Salco at our Headquarters to further solidify our long-term partnership. Grupo Salco is a family-run enterprise in Spain, known for its exceptional service standards and personalised customer advice.

This partnership, spanning several years, has been characterised by a shared ethos and mutual values. Grupo Salco has been recognised for its dedication to offering outstanding service and personalised guidance, which matches perfectly with Magna Tyres’ own commitment to these principles. This synergy has been a key factor in Grupo Salco becoming the exclusive dealer of Magna Tyres in the Galicia region of Spain.

Notably, Grupo Salco has been a pivotal sales point for Magna’s Off-The-Road (OTR) tyres across Spain. The company’s expertise in understanding customer needs and market dynamics has made it an invaluable partner for Magna Tyres. Building on this successful collaboration, Grupo Salco is now set to expand its offerings by including the Magna M-TRUCK truck tyre range. This addition is expected to enhance the company’s portfolio, enabling it to provide a more comprehensive range of products to meet the evolving demands of the end-users.

Magna M-TRUCK range

The introduction of the Magna M-TRUCK truck tyre range is a strategic move to cater to a broader market segment. These tyres are designed to offer superior performance and durability, aligning with the needs of commercial truck operators in Spain. This expansion is seen as a testament to the trust and confidence that Magna Tyres places in Grupo Salco’s capabilities. The Magna M-TRUCK range is the perfect addition to fleets that already operates on Magna OTR Tyres, so it only makes sense that Grupo Salco can offer the total Magna Tyres package to it’s customers.

The collaboration between Magna Tyres and Grupo Salco underscores the significance of shared values and vision in long-term business relationships. It also highlights the commitment of both companies to adapt and evolve in response to market needs, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the tyre industry in Spain.

As Magna Tyres continues to grow its global footprint, partnerships like the one with Grupo Salco are integral to its strategy of providing quality products and services to a diverse range of customers. We look forward to many more years of partnership!

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