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    Magna Tyres Proves Its Quality at Cement Quarry in the UK

Magna Tyres Proves Its Quality at Cement Quarry in the UK

A leading cement quarry operator located in the UK is successfully using Magna M-TERRAIN tyres in size 29.5R25 for their articulated dump truck. Our tyres were especially selected due to our proven track record and in order to increase the productivity.

After almost 2000 intensive operating hours, the first site check has been carried out. The all steel radial constructed tyres with E4 tread pattern show minimal signs of even tread depth wear and no damages. As result, these tyres will achieve an outstanding tyre life of 8000 operating hours and thereby largely surpass the previous used E4 tyres from a France A-Brand.

Adding Magna MA02 Tyres to the Operations

In addition, our customer is also using 26.5R25 Magna MA02 tyres for their wheel loader for multiple years now. These loader tyres have been showing great performances for years.

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