28 November 2022

Magna M-Terrain Mounted on Bell B45E Water Tanker

Earlier this year, we fitted one of our products to a Bell articulated truck at the other end of the world! One of our customers in Australia was very pleased with the performance of our 29.5R25 Magna M-Terrain OTR tyre so far.

In this case, we mounted the Magna M-Terrain tyres on a Bell B45E water tanker operating in Perth, Australia. The Bel B45E water tanker is part of the brand's E-Series. The capable vehicle comes with a 12.8L turbocharged inline 6 engine, offering the operator 523 HP and a staggering 2,460 Nm of torque. The power is distributed among all 6 wheels to offer maximum grip and power output at all times. such a vehicle demands a tyre that is just as strong and capable.

Magna M-Terrain

The tyre pattern is perfectly suited to carrying heavy loads on a wide variety of surfaces. the characteristics of the tyre makes it very versatile and thus makes the M-Terrain an often preferred choice for vehicles such as loaders, dumpers or graders. As you can clearly see in the picture, the tyre is a perfect fit for water tankers too!

Are you interested to see if the the Magna M-Terrain would fit your fleet? Contact us and let's discuss how your company could benefit from using Magna Tyres products.

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