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    Magna M-TERRAIN Tyres are Rocking It in UAE

Magna M-TERRAIN Tyres are Rocking It in a UAE Quarry

One of our customers in the UAE region is engaged in underground construction, rock supply etc. They are using our Magna M-TERRAIN tyres in size 29.5R25 in their hard and rocky quarry. The tyres are reaching one year after fitment and they achieved 2.000 hours in the operation with hardly 20% wear loss. The tyres show excellent traction and safety characteristics due to their E4 tyre tread pattern. Because of the self-cleaning and sturdy deep tread of the Magna M-TERRAIN, it will extend longevity of the tyres.

The E4 profile on the tyre is extremely suitable for the conditions in which they are used. The rough terrain has proven to be no challenge for the 29.5R25 Magna M-TERRAIN tyres. Our customer is impressed with the toughness and the efficiency of the tyres. Not only will they have tyres that are more durable, they are also looking at a reduction in costs per hour to operate the trucks.

Magna M-TERRAIN Tyres

The Magna M-TERRAIN is an E4 tyre for all terrains, with excellent traction and safety characteristics. The self-cleaning and sturdy deep tread of the Magna M-TERRAIN extends longevity and reduces the long-term operating costs.

An exceptionally sturdy casing makes the Magna M-TERRAIN a long-lasting tyre, in even the most demanding conditions.

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