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    Satisfying Performance of Our Magna MA04+ Tyres in Vietnam

Satisfying Performance of Our Magna MA04+ Tyres in Vietnam

A while ago, we fitted our 24.00R35 Magna MA04+ in Vietnam. These tyres are operating in a copper mine, in very challenging conditions as the terrain can be very resistant. Even after more than 4.000 hours the tyres are still intact and looking very solid and strong. We are happy with this achievement so far and hope to deliver even better results.

Magna MA04+ Tyres

The performance of our Magna MA04+ is contributed to the deep E4-tread design and the wide, flat tread radius, which offers a large loading capacity. In addition, the aggressive lug design, with large blocks at the tread centre, provides excellent traction and braking on rough roads. Our Magna MA04+ is the perfect fit for transporting extra heavy-loads in adverse conditions.

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