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    No Challenge For the Magna MA04 Tyres

Rough Terrain in Spain is no Challenge For the Magna MA04 18.00R33

One of our Spanish customers have already been using our 18.00R33 Magna MA04 tyres for a longer period. These quality tyres were being installed on their rigid dump trucks and are used in demanding circumstances for heavy transport purposes in a quarry.

Despite the intensive and frequent usage, the tyres were perfectly and equally worn until the end of life. The rough terrain has proven to be no challenge for the all steel radial Magna MA04 tyres with E4 pattern. A brand new set of Magna MA04 tyres has now been delivered. Our Spanish distributor will mount all new tyres on the dump truck, except for the two rear positioned tyres. These two tyres are not completely worn yet, so they will be changed for new ones when needed.

Operator Wanted Magna MA01 Tyres for Their Wheel Loader

Our customer is very satisfied with the overall performance including the obtained reduction in operational costs per hour of the truck. Due to this great achievement, the quarry operator decided to equip their wheel loader with Magna Tyres’ products as well. Our Magna MA01 tyres in size 23.5R25 have been selected to serve their wheel loader with another world class performance.

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