03 November 2022

The Magna MU30: Top Tier Underground Tyre

Premiered at Bauma 2022, the Magna MU30 has been designed to take underground mining to the next level. The MU30 mining pattern was developed specifically for underground trucks and wheel loaders to face the most difficult hauling challenges in underground mining.

Ready to Handle the Toughest Environments

The wide grooves and channels give underground machinery more grip on a large variety of ground conditions. The MU30 offers unrivaled performance in its class. Compared to the competition, the MU30 offers over 2700 more operating hours.

The reinforced crown and lateral groove design ensures that the tyre is resistant to both impact and cutting damage. The wider crown design and deepening groove design offers improved comfort and safety for the operator, which makes the tyre suitable for the harsest environments and rockiest roads.

The exceptional long service life of the MU30 is achieved thanks to the tread robustness and cut-resistant centre. The additional strength of the tyre also allows an increase in tyre load. In combination with the longevity of the tyre, the MU30 offers an exceptional low total operating cost per hour.

The Magna MU30 is available in sizes 26.5R25 and 29.5R25.

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