Commercial trucks come in different types and shapes, but are mainly used for freight transportation. They are often heavily loaded because of the freight they need to move. Magna Tyres especially engineered truck tyres to withstand these heavy loads and offer excellent traction on highway operations.


A commercial truck is not a specific kind of truck, it actually refers to any truck that is used for commercial purposes. In the United States there are thousands of commercial trucks on the road at any given time. There are different kinds of commercial trucks which are all unique. Tractor-trailers, also known as semi trucks, are one of these. These semi trucks are typically used for freight transportation. In addition, flatbed trucks are also popular. They are similar to tractor-trailers, but they carry a flatbed trailer rather than the freight trailer. Typically they are used to carry large items that may not fit or weigh too much for the traditional enclosed trailer. It is important to fit the right truck tyres under your vehicle.

There is a big difference between drive axle tyres, steer axle tyres or trailer tyres and it is important to choose the right truck tyres for your vehicle. Within the Magna Tyres truck tyre range we include tyres for several positions. Our range consist of various sizes, for instance the 13R22 5, 315 80R22 5 or the 385 65R22 5. The high tread depth of these tyres result in high mileage, regular wear, reliable grip, self-cleaning and resistance to stone retention. In conclusion, our tyre range consists of tyres for all truck applications because most of our truck tyres can also be used in off-road applications.

Within truck tyres there is a difference between regional tyres and long haul tyres. Regional tyres are optimised for medium haul operating conditions, generally on highway and secondary routes while long haul tyres are optimised for longer distances, generally highways and highway speed operating conditions.

Magna Tyres’ tyres are recognised by big players all over the world. We understand the demanding call for the larger tyres and are always willing to help our customers to provide the right truck tyre for the right application and machine.

About Magna Tyres Group

Magna Tyres is a Dutch tyre manufacturer of quality truck tyres for the most various applications. In a very short period of time, we have become an established player in the tyre market, with a loyal customer base, an extensive dealer network and leading OEMs in 130 countries. All our customers are served by the 250 employees spread across 15 offices worldwide.

Magna Tyres has almost four decades of experience in manufacturing and trading premium quality rubber compounds. From this experience, Magna Tyres started developing high quality tyres. The combination of innovative European engineered technology and in-depth knowledge guarantees high standard products and service. The formula for success? Listening to the demand from the market and responding to it with tyres that offer the lowest cost per hour. We know exactly what drives our customers and we embrace every opportunity to get you going and get the job done.

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Truck Tyres Brochure

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