May 22, 2019

33.00R51 Magna MA04+ Giants in service at large open-pit mine in Russia

Another big mining operator in Russia is using for a certain time the premium quality 33.00R51 Magna MA04+ Giants to serve their rigid dump trucks. The all steel radial constructed tyres with E4 profile are extremely su...

May 20, 2019

Magna MA07+ loader tyres selected for severe operation at granite quarry in India

Loaders operating in Granite quarries have to be equipped with quality heavy duty tyres. That's why this customer in India has chosen 35/65R33 Magna MA07+ (***) tyres to perform in its heavy duty operation. 

May 17, 2019

The Komatsu WA380 Wheel loader with 23.5-25 super solid Magna MA601 at a glass recycling company

Our 23.5-25 Super Solids Magna MA601 are working on at a glass recycling company. According to the customer, there is no way that any other product may meet this requirements. The working conditions of the machine and th...

May 16, 2019

Our 29.5R25 Magna M-Terrain are ready to get dirty!

After a long night's rest, these trucks are more than ready to do some dirty work! Our 29.5R25 Magna M-Terrain with these complete Bell B40D ADT fleet is the perfect combination to work in extreme conditions and to get d...

May 7, 2019

DP World in Suez, Egypt has chosen for the 310/80R22.5 Magna M-Terminal because of the quality without downtime

A big terminal operator in Suez Egypt is using our 310/80R22.5 Magna M-Terminal, due to it's quality and proven performance in the region which includes Alexandria, Dekheila etc in Egypt. The M-Terminal is very popular i...

April 26, 2019

16.00-25 Magna MB01 used on an Aircraft Pushback truck at Kuala-Lumpur airport

One of the largest airport in Malaysia , located in Kuala-Lumpur are using our 16.00-25 Magna MB01 tyres. These all cross ply constructed tyres are mounted on an Aircraft Pushback truck. Normally our Magna MB01 tyres are...

April 18, 2019

20.5-25 Magna MA601 Solids are mounted on JCB Wheel loader 247 HT

Our customer in the United Kingdom mounted our 20.5-25 Magna MA601 Solids on his JCB Wheel loader 427 HT. These tyres are supplied and fitted on site with service exchange rims. The customer has chosen for our tyres due ...

April 8, 2019

Our customer in the Southern part of Asia is really satisfied with the 27.00R49 Magna MA04+

This mining operator selected 27.00R49 Magna MA04+ Giants to serve their Rigid Dump Trucks. The tyres are available in various compounds including; standard, cut and heat resistant. Due to Magna's proven track record reg...

April 4, 2019

Satisfied customer for 24.00R35 Magna MA04 operating in a diamond mine in Africa

A big mining contractor in the Southern part of Africa again has chosen to mount 24.00R35 Magna MA04 on their Rigid Dump Trucks. The OTR tyres are mounted on the entire fleet and is using our premium quality tyres in a d...

April 1, 2019

30.00R51 Magna MA09+ show great results at major African mining company

One of the major mining companies operating in the African region selected 30.00R51 Magna MA09+ tyres to serve their heavy duty machinery. All positions of their Rigid Dump Truck are equipped with the premium quality tyr...

March 26, 2019

First fitment of 23.5-25 MA601 Magna tyres for a customer in Russia

A large-well known recycling company established in Russia started working with the 23.5-25 Magna MA601  Super Solids. The tyres are mounted on a Liebherr 2576 that is used for unloading of scrap metal from a shredder. I...

March 25, 2019

Magna Tyres proves its quality at cement quarry in UK

This leading quarry operator located in the UK is successfully using quality 29.5R25 Magna M-Terrain tyres for their articulated dump truck. Magna tyres were especially selected due to Magna’s proves track record and in ...